Michael Fusaro - CEO & Partner
Born in Paris 19/09/71. Venetian & Apulian origins.

Graduate in languages, he lives and works in Nice since 2004.

Favorite color: red
« Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. » - Sir Winston Churchill.
His passion for watches? Since always, or rather since at 6 years old he dismounted the watch of his father to see what was inside.
Alfredo Barbiere - Product & Design Manager
Born in Novara 20/01/1953. Sicilian origins.

Graduate in watchmaking and goldsmithing, merchant of watches and jewelry in Novara and Cannes, distributor of several brands of watches in France.

Favorite color: metal
« Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience. » Masaru Ibuka
Rosso Metallo? He meets a watch enthusiast in Nice, they make friends and decide to create a unique timepiece.
Marco Colombo
Marco Colombo was born in Milan in 1965, the sign of Leo lives every challenge with grit and passion.

As a young man he became a goldsmith and then a model maker before studying gemology, becoming the last designer, his current profession.

A former car driver with a passion for design and for watches, he founded some of the most established watchmaking brands dedicated to riders as well as designing directly for world-famous motorsport brands.

« The best projects are also born while sipping a good wine »
Mikael Bourgeois
Born in Besançon 10/12/77

Diploma in microtechnics, since 1999 he is a Designer and an independent watchmaker for the best brands.

Favorite color: black.
« The real luxury is having time »
Passionate about technics, with a creative spirit, he found his way working in the upscale and complex watchmaking industry.
With a grandfather and a grandmother working in watchmaking, he returns to the sources.

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